Two students falling in love and having gay anal sex in university

A funny thing happened to Jim when he returned to campus for the few weeks between Halloween and the Thanksgiving break. At first when he returned he felt very horny and a little sexy at having such a wild secret. Knowing what he and Ron had done and how it made him feel made Jim feel like he could conquer anything. He had done something so wild and crazy that it was beyond even his wildest fantasies. The whole thing left him with a huge boost of confidence and self-assuredness. Hell, if he was willing to do that and have it turn out so amazing he felt like there was nothing he couldn’t do.
What surprised Jim was how it seemed others picked up on his new confidence. Suddenly, at parties he was able to approach women who might have intimidated him before. In that short time he even managed to get laid twice. The first was a total one night stand with a hot sorority girl in her room after they both got drunk at a frat party. The next morning he could barely remember her name or much about her beside her knockout looks and how they had fucked each other silly.
The other woman he fucked was someone he knew from his classes and had admired from afar for a while. He had never been able to actually figure out a way to talk with her before, but he finally did it and they had gone out a couple of times. Happily, and very surprisingly, Jim discovered that she was really horny and ready to fuck after their second date. He had assumed she was more conservative based on how she acted and dressed in class, but she was anything but conservative back at his place as she sucked his cock and fucked him.
Through this whole time Jim still thought often about what he and Ron had done. He and Ron talked a lot on the phone and traded e-mails but neither ever directly referenced what they had done. Jim couldn’t get the wild memories out of his mind and he regularly got hard thinking about sucking Ron’s cock or having Ron fuck his ass. One thing that Jim regularly thought about was how it might feel to switch places with Ron and take a turn fucking his skinny twink ass.
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